For this week’s assignment, I had to create a front-end to Wikipedia that makes the site inviting, explorable and delightful for someone who does not know what they are looking for.

For that, I decided to spend some time really analyzing the website, trying to understand it in a way I never actually did. In this research, I discovered a pretty interesting section of Wikipedia named “On this day…”. I had never paid attention to. You can choose a day and see everything that happenedĀ in that moment of history. I fount it really delightful to see the immense list of things that happened on my birthday for example. But the UX and UI of the section was terrible. So I decided to redesign it, trying to make it more fun and engaging. Here is the result:

Home: When you land on the page, you face a globe that resembles Wikipedia’s logo, with the puzzle pieces spinning slowly. There are no instructions, only a space for the userto input a day and month.

Once a date is set, the globe comes alive. The puzzle pieces are filled with 4 different colors. On the right side, a caption informs the user the meaning of each color.

Users can explore the globe, spinning it in any direction. When they hover a puzzle piece, it becomes highlighted and an indication of what is is pops up.

If the user decides to click a piece, the corresponding Wikipedia article pops-up. If users click outside of it, they return to the globe.

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