Two Materials

Hey Fellas,

This week our challenge was to build something combining 2 different materials. So I chose to use walnut wood and brass metal and create a neckless.

I found some walnut scraps that fitted my needs and went to Metaliferous store to buy some golden pieces of brass metal.


These are the materials I got:


So I started sanding the wood until it got it to the shapes that I really wanted:



I also cut a metal piece that already had a hole drilled on:



When I cut the metal there was a pointy piece at the bottom, so I polished it.

Then, once I had all my pieces, I drilled holes into the wood to pass the chain. I have used the drill press to make these holes and while doing that I have put 2 scrap woods together with my piece so that it would not be damaged:


But the first attempt I made the holes too small and the chain did not pass:


So I drilled bigger holes on top of these and when I did that one of my pieces cracked a little bit. I think it was because it was so thin and delicate.


But in the end it worked out fine and this is the final result:


One thought on “Two Materials

  1. Good work. The two materials work very well together.

    Did you add a finish to the walnut? Oil, wax?

    Sizing the drilled hole before sanding would have probably cut down on any cracking.

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