The Wall Map – Prototypes and Materials

Hey Fellas,

So for our final Physical Computing + Fabrication project we are building a wall installation that will display the walls and borders that have been built between countries in the past decades.

We have been struggling with materials and there are a few tests we made:

For the background + country shapes we have been making many tests. Our main problem is that we have really tiny and delicate parts. Also a great number of walls are located in those small countries, which makes it harder to work with.

This is the map we decided to work with:


The reasons we chose this particular map are the fact that the lines the represent the borders between countries are not so detailed. They are straight lines that are easier to work with and also aesthetically nice. This map is also not very wide, which is good for us because the metal structure we are going to place the project is not so wide:

wall map

So we started making some tests with materials:

IMG_2028 Foam Cor + dark wood + 3mm LED + 5mm LED


We also used the laser cutter to cut plywood for the countries but it ended up all burned:


So we spray painted it:

IMG_2034 IMG_2033

For the lights that are supposed to represent the borders we thought about many options:

  • LEDs (single and strip)
  • Optic Fiber
  • El Wire

I will talk more about the building process in the next post!

One thought on “The Wall Map – Prototypes and Materials

  1. Nice work. The tabs might be the best way to go with this project. I’d like to see the lights installed in the borders and see what it actually looks like when lit.

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