The mind of a jealous woman


For this week’s assignment, I wanted to go a little more abstract than last week. I decided to go inside the mind of a woman who suspects she was cheated on. Triggering sound, color and gameobjects my goal is to put the user inside her brain.

You start in a weird “Spacey” environment. The only thing there is a brain. When you look at it, a sound is triggered. When you look somewhere else the sound stops.

Then, if you decide to click the brain, you will get inside it. Once inside the brain, you can look at all these objects that trigger different soundtracks. The tracks are thoughts related to what this woman is feeling.

I wanted to do it in a way that I would have 4 audio tracks to be triggered. Once you listened to them all, a 5th audio track would be triggered, along with a pulsing red color. I didn’t find a way to do the scripting for that, so I just added this 5th track as one more – are you cheating on me?

Building it to iOS:

I had so many problems building this week’s homework. Both inside Unity and in XCode. I reached a point where XCode doesn’t let me build a new app, so next step is trying to build it for Android.



Documentation video:


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