The design of everyday things – chapter 1 & 2

Notes about the reading:

  • Visibility is one of the main points
  • If something needs instructions, the design has failed
  • Provide a good conceptual mode: this allows us o predict the effects of our actions
  • It’s very hard to remove features of a newly designed product that existed in a previous version
  • Things that are visible, natural relationships
  • The principle of feedback: sending back to the user some information about the action that has been done
  • The paradox of technology: what good is technology if it’s too hard to use?
  • The designer should assume all the possible errors will occur and act work in order to minimize them
  • We base our actions on previous knowledge. From there we form theories and in the absence of knowledge, we let our imagination flow.
  • Blaming yourself X the environment
  • Conceptual mode –> good mapping –> feedback

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