A (sweet) potato experiment


This week I went to buy some veggies at the Farmer’s Market near my place and for the first time since I’ve been shopping there they had a variety of sweet potatoes (I absolutely love sweet potatoes). I was amazed by the different sizes and color they had so I HAD to buy them all.


Later at home, I tried to find out their names and differences. It was not a simple task considering that there are hundreds of types of sweet potatoes ranging from white and mild to deep red and super sweet. These are my guesses for the ones I had:


  1. Garnet’s orange flesh turns malty sweet when baked
  2. Stokes purple potatoes are purple all the way through. Earthy and fibrous.
  3. Hannah have tan skin and an off-white interior.
  4. Japanese sweet potatoes are purple on the outside and off-white in the inside. They rich, dry and have more of a squash flavor.
  5. Jewel or Beauregard had similar appearance to the Garnet’s. Were a little less orange and creamy than the other one though.

After trying them all, my personal ranking is:

  1. Garnet
  2. Jewel
  3. Japanese
  4. Hannah
  5. Stokes Purple



  • Currently, China grows more sweet potatoes than any other nation.
  • Most of the Chinese crop is exported or sold as feed;
  • Because of this livestock connection, sweet potatoes were traditionally consumed by society’s poorest.

One thought on “A (sweet) potato experiment

  1. We all need to play more with our food – deepens our understanding of it – and it’s best executed with taste involved. Well done.

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