Ricoh ThetaS VR experience

Hi there!

For my first DIY VR class assignment I had to create an experience using the ThetaS 360 camera.

I wanted to put the user in a position he would never be able to be in, in the real world. So I decided to create an experience where he is literally in the middle of a foosball match.

By placing the 360 camera in the middle of the table, my goal was for the user to experience the game from a different perspective, where he is the same height of the dolls and where the ball could eventually get to his feet.

I have also added audio from a real soccer match to enhance the experience.

I asked my friend Renata to test it and she gave me some interesting feedback about the experience:

  • She thought it was interesting to see the match from this perspective but at the same time, it was weird
  • She said she liked the audio of the real game
  • She was bothered that she could not see the ball at all times

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