R&W – Rhythm and Water (PCOMP Midterm)


Hey Fellas!

The scary midterms have finally arrived (uuuuu)!

And for Physical Computing we were challenged to create something involving some of the techniques we’ve learned so far!

So me and my partner for this project, Doo Yon Kim, decided to do something that was interactive and fun. We also decided we wanted to use water and sound (just because we thought it would be cool). So this is how our project, that we named R&W – Rhythm and Water, was born.


We combined all these ideas in an musical instrument that is triggered by water. The concept is that the user has to move the water to produce sound and play the instrument.


But how does it work? Well, we have a wooden bowl that has 8 different coper wire paths connected to it. 7 of them are notes and 1 of them is power, which is common for all the other 7 paths.


Power is always connected to the Arduino board, while the notes are always connected to their respective pins on the board. But power only connects to the notes paths when the same source of water touches both of them, closing the circuit. It is important to remember that all of this is only possible because water is conductive (specially when you add a little bit of salt to it!).

R&W-2 R&W-3

We also added LED’s in the box that would be triggered when they’re respective notes were being played:


This is the video of the little demo with made of our project:


R&W-7 R&W-6

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