NY Dosas tells his story as a Street Vendor

I decided to use this week’s assignment as part of my Thesis project. For my Thesis, I am creating a collective narrative about street vendors from NYC. As part of the project, I am creating audio pieces in which each vendor tells their story in their own words. The idea is that the stories will reflect a little of who the person is and their relationship to their work. When the portraits are put together, they will tell a story about the community of vendors itself and the importance of these people to NYCs identity.

This is the story of Thiru Kumar, a street vendor from Washington Square Park, commonly known as NYDosas:

I tried to make sure that besides his voice, whoever is listening is also able to identify the sounds of the park, of the people and of his instruments of work.

Feedback is greatly appreciated ­čÖé

One thought on “NY Dosas tells his story as a Street Vendor

  1. Great use of background noise. the sounds of the park and the kitchen utensils brought the story to life! Also hearing him interact with customers was very compelling.

    I wonder what his life is like when he isn’t at the cart? But I love hearing about how is cart is a part of the community and the journey that got his business to where it is now.

    Great job!

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