Notes for self on Building Vuforia apps for Android

On the Android device

1 – Go to setting>About this device and check the Android version (mine was 7.0)

2 – Enable developer mode by clicking the build number 7 times

3- Go back and click developer options. Make sure it is on. USB debugging is on. Verify apps via USB is also on.


On the Mac computer.

1 -Download Android Studio and copy the SDK. Should look like this:


2 – D0wnload the Java JDK find its location on the computer. Should look similar to this:


To find it, go to Terminal and run:

which java

if that gives you something like /usr/bin/java, which is a symbolic link to the real location, run

ls -l `which java`

3 – On Android Studio, go to the SDK settings and check that your Android version is supported. If not, install it. – you can also check our SDK version there.

4 – Download Android File transfer, connect the device and allow accessing it.


Using UNITY 2017.3.0

1 – Add the SDK and JDK paths to the Unity>External Tools preferences

2 – In Player Preferences:

  • Change Company Name
  • Change Product Name
  • Other Setting:
    • Change Package Name
    • Change Min API Level (to your device’s version)
    • Change Target API Level (to your device’s version)
    • Disable Android TV Compatibility
  • XR Settings:
    • Enable Vuforia

Try building. If there are errors in the console, it won’t build.



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