My phone case – Good UX

Since I came to New York to study at ITP there are 2 cards of extreme importance that were added to my wallet: the Metrocard and my NYU ID. Both grant me entrance to places I go everyday and therefore these are cards I constantly have to take in and out of the wallet.  It is also important not to loose any of them to avoid wasted time with replacement, not to mention money wasted. So, there are 2 important aspects about the cards to eep in mind:

  • Must be stored in a safe place
  • Must be always on reach

I have always had a hard time combining these 2 things. Either the cards were safe inside my wallet, which was inside my backpack and hard to reach OR they were in my pocket (which made it super easy to loose them). I cannot count how many times I have missed the subway because I was trying to find my metrocard. At the same time, I have lost a Metrocard 2 days after I got the 1-month refill of it.

My point is, this was a very frustrating situation until I got an iPhone case with a card pocket. I know it is not the sexiest thing in the world and, to be honest, at the beginning I was hesitant about it. But God, once I started using, it was the best thing ever. It is one of those things where you are like, how could I survive all this time without this?

This is how it looks like:

I think that, considering the limitations, it has a simple design the I like. I also like that it fits 2 cards because that’s exactly what I need (I wouldn’t put my credit card there). The cards stay in place once they are in the pocket (no risk of suddenly falling without me even noticing). At the same time, if I need it, it is super easy to pull the card out of the pocket.

Because I always have my phone with me and it’s usually in my hands, this object makes my whole experience of getting the subway or getting inside NYU buildings nicer. It optimises my time, reliefs me of the stress related to loosing or forgetting the cards and it frees space in my wallet.


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