Midterm Game – Prototyping Arcade Games

Assignment: Create a 2D game with moving sprites and a static scene.

The Game: “Beet the System” –> You are the last organic beet on earth and Monsanto is trying to get you and contaminate your farm with GMO seeds. Your job is to defend not only yourself but the future of all the organic beets to be born.

Mechanics: Monsanto inspectors try to reach you from right and left. You have to stop this by throwing seeds on them. Also there are falling GMO seeds from the sky. You must not let them touch your delicate skin or they might contaminate you. The more you resist the harder it gets (monsanto fellas become more resistant and more seeds start to fall). Best of luck, may the force be with you.


MonsantoGuyGIF PoisonedseedGIFlittleseedBeet_gun


Controller: Player will be able to move right and left and also throw the seeds. Therefore, I must get 1 button and a joystick. I imagine the joystick having the shape of a beet. Also the controller will be lasercut according to the theme.

Next step will be importing these sprites into Unity and animating them.

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