From physical to digital – Counting Device

For the app version of my counting device, I evaluated what were the successful properties of my physical device. The conclusion I got to is that what made it interesting was:

  • Visual feedback of amount: seeing the tower of rings gives the user a notion that is very visual impactful.
  • Personalization of the user’s goal: the top bar where users could write down their personal and unique objectives with this counting.
  • The playfulness of using Cheerios for the rings. That was what made the physical device unique. But how could I bring that to the digital sphere?


After thinking for a while, I decided to create an app that still uses cereal as a counting unit. This time, ¬†the food was not real but I tried to compensate that by giving an extra feature that the physical version did not have: users could choose the cereal they wanted to use for the counter (cheerios or fruit loops). Besides that, one thing I added was an “ending”. When the desired number is reached, a screen with a cereal bowl (full or empty, depending on your goal) would be displayed, along with a message.

Check out the prototype I made

First sketch of the app:

Final sketch of the app with the process for every scenario:

Set up the counter properties:

Counting (coffee example):

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