Final project

My final project will be a draft for part my thesis. It is a mixed media installation about street vendors.

The idea is to tell the stories of the people behind the food carts. For this class, I will focus on the story of Tihru, the Dosa Man from Washington Sq Park. In the piece, users will interact with different parts of his story (past, present, future). These little stories together, tell us who is the man and talk about what it is to be a vendor. 

How: The food cart acts as a portal to storytelling and triggers stories by and about the vendor who is behind it. Individual stories related to this person’s country of origin, family, work, food, NYC are some aspects that will compose each of these portraits.

Why this format: I started this project with the idea we see food carts all over NYC. They are part of this city. Yet, we don’t really see the person and the stories behind the cart. My idea is that, if people are willing to take this object, spend some time with it, and look at it with other eyes, many layers with rich stories behind it will be uncovered.


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