Final Project Proposal (ICM)

For my final ICM project I am thinking about using my favorite topic so far: External Data.

I find it extremely interesting to be able to use the information available on the web (weather it is something written by a regular person or given by institutions and companies) and to use this data to create some sort of new interactive communication.

Thinking about this, I have 2 ideas for my final project. Let’s start with the first one, which is already being developed:

What is it:

An ITP student brain sketch that will allow the user to understand a little bit of what moves/intrigues us.

A little bit more about this ideia:

A few weeks ago, for my ICM DOM homework, I used the inQuery project from Applications class to create a brain with ITP thoughts. If you have no idea of what I am talking about, the inQuery project is one of the activities that all 1st year ITP student must do for Applications class. Throughout the semester each of us are required to think about a question, a topic, a subject or anything that we feel very intrigued about, and to talk about it in the class blog.

Some examples of thoughts and questions that have already appeared there are the following:

What can individuals do to solve the environmental issues. Can those efforts on a personal level really help? – Soyeon Chung

Can ethnography be the driver for future learning environments and education systems? – Viniyata Pany

Why can’t we see the visible form of sound? -Juan José Egúsquiza

I find these questions incredibly interesting. I am also amazed by the fact that you can actually understand a little bit of what ITP students are concerned about in the world and to somehow get to know a little bit of each of us.

So for my final ICM project I want to continue developing this project in p5, getting all the data from the applications blog and having 111 questions, representing each of the 111 ITP students by the end of the semester.

How does it work and what is it going to look like?

In the sketch, the user will see the outline of a human head featuring it’s brain, with moving nods representing thoughts and ideas. The user will be encouraged to touch one of the nods and at this point a question made by a student pops in the screen. If the user clicks the screen again, the question disappears and he will be able click another nod, exploring the entire range of thoughts.

Who is the audience?

The audience will be, first of all, the ITP community. One thing I’ve noticed by talking to people at ITP is that very few people actually go to the Applications blog to view the inQuery questions and to discuss the topics that people are talking about. So I want to create a platform that is more visually attractive for us to play with. Having a sketch of a brain with many nods that you can interact seems more interesting to me than going through a blog page. This way, I believe we can go through each other questions, find out more about what our friends are interested in and even connect to someone that is intrigued by something you also are and create a project together related to that topic in common.

The secondary audience for this project is anyone who is curious/interested about what is going on in this mysterious land called ITP and what sort of topics concern its students. Truth is that most people think of ITPers as a bunch of programmers and geeks (including my parents, who honestly still don’t know what I am doing). But to see the inQuery’s questions and how wide the range of topics that they go through is, shows a lot about how ITP works.

Some other details:

One thing I did not have in my first sketch that I am planning to change in this one is to add the e-mail of the student right next to his inQuery question. This way, when the user is playing with the brain, and happens to find himself interested in a topic proposed by a student, he would have a way to get in touch with the student, and take the discussion to another place. I believe that this way we would be able to create connections between people with similar interests that could lead to other projects and discussions beyond the canvas.

Visual references:

My last sketch:

ITP Brain

A new sketch I am working on:


Some external visual references:

brain_nods brain-gluten

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