Final Project Progress

Hey Fellas!

So we are one week away from our final project presentation and I am here to document some progress we had in the past days:

The fabrication process:

We decides to work mainly with acrylic and 3mm LEDs. We are using white acrylic for the background and black acrylic for the countries. We laser cut the shapes and the video shows a little bit of the process:

Then we pasted all the shapes in the background (which was etched with the shapes and which had holes for the LEDs):


In terms of the sensors and enclosures, we made 2 boxes, one that will be the control panel and another that will display the year being visualized:


The code process:

We tested our main basic code, that will trigger the buttons and the potentiometer in the control panel. This is a test in a breadboard of it:


The next steps are:

  • Placing the LEDs on the map
  • Putting the 4 pieces of acrylic together
  • Writing the code for the years display
  • Connecting everything together

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