Hey Fellas,

This week our assignment was to make an enclosure. So since I needed 2 enclosures for our Wall Map, we decided to take this chance to make them. The enclosures we needed were:

1 – Control Panel with 1 potentiometer to control the years + 2 buttons (view the planned walls + view them all)

2 Number display for the year being triggered.

So first we bought all the materials needed. We found 2 bamboo boxes that would be perfect for our needs.


Then we bought the acrylic to put on top of the wooden box and the buttons, sensors etc. We also wanted the potentiometer to be very big but we did not find anything on the market that would fit our needs. So we decided to adapt a pot lit to this function.IMG_2242

Once we had all the materials I took measures of all the parts and made the vector files to cut the shapes and holes in the laser cutter.

The control panel file:

Captura de Tela 2015-11-30 às 17.25.44

The years display file:Captura de Tela 2015-11-30 às 17.25.16

I printed the vector files just to see how it would look like and if it would fit the components:


A nice detail of the years display is that we made a unevenness space on the back of the acrylic that is equivalent to the part in the board we will need to wire up:


For the other enclosure we etched some labels for our buttons and for the potentiometer. To make it black we used a sharpie on the etched parts:


The hardest part was to etch the metal lit. We couldn’t do it with the laser. So we tried to tape it, use the laser to cut the shapes in the tape and fill the holes with spray paint. But it did not look as good as we wanted it to be:


We also tried to cut the letters in acrylic and paste it. But we also did not like the results:


We are still figuring out a few things about the enclosures like the one I mentioned above with the labeling the potentiometer. We also are going to add a switch button to the sides of both boxes that will allow us to turn the batterie on/off.

So far, this is how the two enclosures look right now:


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