Coffee Talk

This week’s assignment: In response to the City Reliquary Museum and your LES Tenement Museum Tour, create a narrative experience centered around a single or several objects.

I decided to take this homework as an experiment and research for my Thesis project. I am working with street vendors and one of my goals is for people to really see the person behind the food cart, as more than a cup of coffee, a bagel or a hotdog.

One year ago, I worked with a vendor named Adam. He sells breakfast at the corner of Waverly and Broadway. Before this collaboration, I knew absolutely nothing about him. After the project, I can say that we have built a connection. So for this assignment, I decided to document my daily conversations with him. These conversations took place when I was buying a cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t work on weekends, so I only go the chance to document 4 days.

Here is the transcript of what our conversations:

Feb 15 – 9am

M: Hey, how is it going?

A: Oh hi, how are you?

M: Good, good.

A: Large coffee, skim milk?

M: Yep.

A: Haven’t seen you in a while.

M: No…I’ve been around.

A: Haha ok ok have a good day.

M: Thanks, you too!


Feb 16 – 1pm.

M: Hey!

A: Hi, how are you?

M: I’m good…Do you still have coffee?

A: No…I don’t have it anymore.

M: Oh no, really?

A: Yeah, I am closing…You are late!.

M: Oh, yes, I know…Do you have tea then?

A: I do, but I don’t have hot water. You see? It’s off already.

M: Oh, I see. Ok, no problem then.

A: Tomorrow you need to come early.

M: Yeah, I will. Thanks anyway!

A: Ok ok, see you tomorrow.


Feb 17 – 11am

M: Hello

A: Hey!

M: How’s it going?

A: Good, good (point at the large cup).

M: Yep.

A: No skim milk today.

M: Oh, that’s ok. I will take regular milk then.

A: Ok. What’s new?

M: Ah, not much…a lot of work. What’s new with you?

A: Nothing. All good.

M: Alright then, see ya!

A: Ok, take care.


Feb 21 – 8am

M: Hello

A: Hi! You are early.

M: Yea…don’t even tell me. This is way too early for me.

A: Haha…ok large coffee then?

M: Yes, please

A: Skim milk?

M: yes.

A: How was your holiday?

M: Good…I was mainly working haha. But it was good. How was yours?

A: Good, good. The weather was good, so it’s good.

M: Oh, yeah. The weather was GREAT!

M: Ok, I gotta go.

A: Ok, see ya.



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