Making a Bioform (using coffee filters)

Hey Fellas!

This is the page I will be posting about my adventures in the Times Square Electronic Garden class.

1# week challenge: Create a bioform made out of a cheap and inexpensive utilitarian object of your choice. Use 20 or more pieces.

So I wanted to use something I had at home and never really gave a thought about. Suddenly while I was going through my kitchen, I faced myself with these little babies:coffee filters

Coffee filters have really interesting shapes + you can fold it. So I thought I could make something really interesting out of it.



Once I started playing with the filters I thought about making a fish. The triangular shapes I made could be stacked together and to me it really looked like fish scales. Also these filters are used to filter liquids, and fish live in the water (well…maybe that is just me wondering too far).

This is the final result:


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