Beet The System – Midterm game

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.32.20

Hey Fellas,

After finished, this is how my midterm game, “Beet the System”, looks like:


The goal is to avoid the Monsanto guys (in yellow) and the poisoned seeds while trying to save baby beets.

About the controller:

I stacked a bunch of layers of laser-cut cardboard to create a box (view previous post to check the measurements):

1  And used machine screws to keep it all together:3


Then I used laser cutter to cut a piece of MDF and use it as the top layer of the controller (it needed to be firm) and covered it with artificial grass to complete the look:


The idea is that the controller would have a similar visual identity to the game itself.truck-2


The game is a bit hard, but if you are feeling brave, you can try it here.

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