Bad UX in public restrooms and USBs

Every now and then I find myself having a weird experience at public restrooms. Sometimes it is the door lock of the individual cabin, other times it is related to paper towels container. Sometimes it is the lack of hook to hang the bag while using the toilet, other times it is the sensors that activate water and soap flow at the sink that work in a weird way.

Some funny examples:

But what doesn’t make sense to me in terms of design is some of the dual flush buttons, like this one:

Don’t get me wrong. I think the dual flush system is great and every restroom should have it. I find it the amount of water used every time you flush the toilet in most of the USA bathrooms insanely wasteful. But my point here is this very button above. I have seen it in many places and for me it doesn’t make sense. I don’t know if I am supposed to press the smaller part or the bigger part for less water.

It makes sense that the small part of the button corresponds to less water, but I would argue that it is also harder to press that part, and if the whole point is to stop wasting water, the easiest process should be associated with less water right? I also don’t know if, to have more water, I need to press both big and small buttons at the same time or if just the big area would be ok.

I don’t know, maybe I am the only one who thinks this is button is weird, and I would love to know if someone shares the feeling.

Another bad UX (quick one): USB

So many times have I tried to plug a USB key and it was upside down. I don’t understand why they are designed in a way that fits only one way, but if there is no way to make it fit both ways, there should be a solution that would help us see quickly what side goes up and which goes down.

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