Arcade Final – project ideas

Hi fellas,

For my final project in Arcade Games class I will be working with Katie Temrowski and Joakim Quach. We are thinking about making a game in which the theme will be related to pop culture. We are thinking about taking some aspects of Katie’s midterm game, “The Quest of Kanye West”, and making a new and more complex game with it. One of the main differences about what we are trying to reach here is the fact that in Katie’s game, there is only one level in which you must get through Kanye’s most recent album.

THE CONCEPT: Our game would still be focused on Kanye. But instead of focusing only in his latest album, we will take advantage of the many crazy aspects of his personal life and career, such as:

  • Well know friends (Jay-Z, Beyoncé…)
  • And enemies (Taylor Swift, Black Chyna, George Bush…)
  • Marriage with Kim Kardashian
  • His desire to be a great designer
  • Crazy Tweets
  • His biggest enemy: his EGO.

We also want to incorporate aspects of his musical career as a producer and musician and use that for the audiovisuals of the game and cabinet.

HOW WILL IT WORK: We are thinking about a 2D game (super mario style) + mini games that can have other interfaces.

THE CABINET: Thinking about black and white. Minimalistic (like his style)


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