Hey Fellas,

For our first project for Animation Class we made a Stop-Motion film.

Now a few years ago I did another stop motion film but this time, we used this really cool software called Dragonframe and boy, it makes life much easier! It gives you so much live control of the piece your are producing.

So after we came out with a story about 2 characters from different worlds that meet each other for the first time, it was time to story-board it:



We decided to use cut offs to create our space characters.


Some experiments…

new one

And here are our characters:


We tried to make them very different between each other, not only being made with different shapes and colors but also having different personalities.

And because they were do detailed and made with very tiny parts, it was reaaally tuff to move them and it took us many many hours to do shoot the entire piece.

Here is the result:


And just in case you were wondering about the sound effects….


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