1st ICM Class

Today was our first day of classes. And I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce ourselves to the unknown and mysterious world of ITP than with this class. I confess. Knowing literally almost nothing about coding, I was a little scared.

But, to my surprise, our first exercise was actually a lot of fun. It was quite simple and consisted in the this: one team should give clear drawing instructions to the other team in order for them to draw some specific images. Why? Well, because to program computer code we do something really similar. But instead of telling other people the instructions, we must give them to the computer in a language that it understands.

These are the instructions the team we were working with gave us and also the drawing we made:

1st class

Their intention was to capture the essence of our professor, David Shiffman. After seeing the results, I would say that our mission was accomplished.

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